Intuitive Reiki Healing and Spiritual Consultation

*One-Hour Session, excludes intuitive cord cutting

Intuitive Reiki Healing – helps reduce stress and anxiety in order to receive peace, security and well-being. This modality is also considered to be a preventative measure that aids the receiver in achieving and maintaining balance; especially helpful when a person is preparing for a major event, life change, or accomplishment in their life.  Many people have reported miraculous results. Session includes clearing emotional energy, intuitive cord cutting/energetic blockage removal, aromatherapy, gemstone therapy and the healing vibration of sound from the Tibetan singing bowls or tuning forks. 


1-Hour Session (excludes cord cutting) -  $65.00


Deep Intuitive Healing Session - $75.00


30 minute Tune-up (excludes sound therapy and cord cutting) - $50.00


Mobile Intuitive Reiki Healing - $85.00 within 15 miles, $95.00 and up in other areas


Tuning Forks Sound Therapy - a very gentle vibrational sound therapy, yet a powerful modality to treat the body and the mind and restore inner balance and health.  It works with the nervous system, the tissues and the more subtle energies of the body. It is deeply relaxing and restoring and it can offer long-term benefits.  The nervous system is our interface with the outside world, an incredibly sophisticated and wonderful instrument that deserves good tuning as often as possible! Session also includes a mini Reiki treatment.


45 Minute Session - $55.00






Intuitive Reading – goes deep into your situation or circumstance to provide you with answers that will help you along your Journey. You will receive a powerful reading to help raise awareness and receive the clarity and confidence you need to live the life you love. 


Minimum $25.00/$1.50 per minute


Mediumship Session - trained and mentored under a very experienced Medium who has practived for over 20 years, you'll receive meaningful messages from loved ones in a friendly and comfortable environment.


Minimum $25.00/$1.75 per minute


Wedding Ceremony - $75.00 within 15 miles; $95.00 Other Areas, plus travel expenses.


Spiritual House and Business Cleansing - Removal of negative/low vibration energy from your house and/or business.  These blessings or cleasings are highly recommended when moving into a new location, after a divorce, death, break up, or any life or situation changing moments. 


$75.00 within 15 miles; $95.00 Other Areas, plus travel expenses





Reiki Certification Private Lesson - It's the practitioner's initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone. The focus during Level 1/2 is on opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energies to heal the body and mind.  The benefits of private lessons are flexable scheduling options to accomodate the student's availability and individualized attention. 


First Degree (Individual) - $95.00; Two or More People - $85.00

The course includes an introduction to Energy, Aura and Frequency; Detailed information about all 7 Chakras including the tonation, chant, developemental stages, the result when balanced/imbalanced and associated physical challenges; brief introduction about Chakras 8 through 12; Introduction to Reiki and the first symbol and hands on practice.


Second Degree (Individual) - $125.00; Two or More People - $115.00

The course includes the long distance symbol and mental/emotional healing symbol. Included are the hands on practice and how to use various healing tools (i.e. singing bowls, pendulum, crystal grids, and brief introduction to crystals).

Reiki Session Form & Waiver
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Detailed information regarding Intuitive Healing/Reiki and its benefits.
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